We’re COR. We exist to give a voice to men & veterans suffering in silence.

We were founded in 2022 by two teenagers that grew up seeing the affects of untreated mental trauma first-hand. Watching their fathers struggle alone inspired them to create a brand that closes the gap between men and mental help.

We strive to grow into a leading mens' health brand that disrupts the current stigmas surrounding veterans & men. We hope to grow our community, our resources, & to help our brothers persevere through tough times together.

So that no son has to see their father broken and isolated again.


Be a man: At COR we believe that we are called upon to provide, set an example, and to be strong. But that doesn’t mean bottling up our feelings until they unleash in all the wrong ways. 

Speak up. You won’t be a strong leader or provider if you are at odds with yourself.

Openness: We believe that it is important to create a healthy environment that allows those struggling to open up. Whether it is you, your brother, or your friend, be welcoming.

Brotherhood: Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So be understanding of others & make a conscious effort to spread positivity. 

Family: Family first. Always.